This website is mainly based on the book with the typical Polish title:

POLEGLI na polu CHWAŁY to translate as KILLED in ACTION

being a description of the losses suffered by the 1st. Polish Armoured Division during the campaign 1944/1945 in Western Europe.

This book was composed by Harry Venema and Jos van Alphen and published in 1983 by the "Generaal Maczek Museum" at Breda, the Netherlands.

The book is out of print and a reprint will be too expensive. That's the reason we'll publish it on Internet. This gives us in the meantime the opportunity to add updates.

As it was convenient we have also mentioned War Graves of other Polish units. In the future we hope to give details of all the Polish War Graves in Western Europe.

You can understand it's very complicated to do this job. Anyhow for us it's important that we can state to have seen nearly all the mentioned graves with our own eys.

Composing this book and making this site was made possible with the kind help of Monsignor Janusz Tworek and mrs. Maria Bardczyk, both of them connected to the Catholic Polish Mission in London.

Moreover, for years on end, we received important information from mr. Adam Witko, co-operator of the Ministry of Defence, Polish Section at Hays and from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission at Maidenhead.

We also thank mr. Jan Hey, mr. Henk Weltink and the late mr. Hans de Haan, who always were at our service as counsellors and as a source of information.

And we thank the ladies mrs. Krystyna Stopa-Konowrocka and mrs. Letty Meeuwissen as well as the Polish old-combatants the late mr. Jan Sowa and the late mr. Roman Stolarz for the many necessary translations, which were important to come to an understandable publication.

Most of the photographs are out of the collection of the "Generaal Maczek Museum" established in the town of Breda, the Netherlands. An other part is made by mr. Rob Philips.

Below this you'll find the preface, General Maczek wrote, in the Polish language, for the book in 1983.

During the campaign 1944 - 1945 he was the COC of the 1st Polish Armoured Division. After the war he couldn't return to Poland and that's why he settled in Edinburgh, where he died in 1994 on the 11th of December at the age of 102. His last wish was to be buried at Breda between his killed soldiers.

Many Poles undertake a pilgrimage to the grave and they bring flowers and lamps as a tribute to the man, who stood upright, in difficult times, against the communist regime in his native-country.

Translation of the Polish preface:

"Died on the field of glory 1983"

Whatever it may be, they died forty years ago and not in 1983. How striking does this anachronism cover the march of the 1st Polish Armoured Division and the amount of names they came across?

Thanks to the author who has put together such a beautiful new edition with photographs and maps for his own bearing, that has given a new dimension.

The family of the 1st Polish Armoured Division, now living all over the world thanks you for all the memoirs to our fallen ones.

S. Maczek, General

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