Polish Forces
foto: Les Featherstone

Date of death
Today buried
GÓJSKI Edmund 
25.7.1907 Skarżysko-Kamienna
SZT. GŁ = Headquarters Staff
Brookwood Military Cemetery, U.K.
Plot 27, Row C, Grave 2

Aircraft Warwick BV247 of 525 Squadron RAF (posted at Lyneham, Wiltshire) 
took off from St. Mawgan, Cornwall with a secret mission to Maison Blanche 
in Algeria via Gibraltar. 

Probably the aircraft flew under the civil BOAC registration G-AFGB 
and made flight UMB55.

The aircraft crashed after a 'mid-air collision' in Newquay Bay, Cornwall.

The aircraft was carrying several top-secret passengers, including military 
advisers, linguists and top-secret documents. Also thousands of 100 ₤ bills 
and possibly boxes with gold.

Total casualties: 14 (3 crew and 11 passengers)
2 French officers on the way to Cairo (general de Gaulle);
1 staff officer on their way to Cairo;
1 Greek 'expert' on his way to Greek;
1 Canadian or Hungarian descent on his way to Hungary for an SOE-mission;
3 SOE-officers and
1 Russian speaking M16-officer on their way to Yugoslavia (Tito partisans); 
2 Polish couriers on their way to Warsaw.  
   Senior Chaplain Król Józef and Captain Gojski Edmund. 

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