2.3.1945 Crash of LANCASTER NG 501 code BH-U   


por. pil. Wyganowski Władysław

ppor. bomb. Babiarz Józef

kpr. strz. Chętnicki Stefan

plut. mech. pokł. Filek Jacek

kpr. r/op. strz. Horobiowski Jan Roman

kpr. strz. Filipiak Bolesław

R.A.F. Polish

Lancaster NG 501 took off at 0719 from Faldingworth, Lincolnshire, for a daylight raid on Köln, Germany.

Nothing was heard from them after take off. Evidently after attacking the target they were shot down by an enemy fighter and crashed on fire near Zulpicher and Vottfried Strasse at the town of Köln.

The crew was killed.

By unknown reasons the crew is buried in different cemeteries.

Por. Wyganowski W. is buried in the British War Cemetery at Hotton, Belgium. Grave 7. 8. row A.

Ppor. Babiarz J. and plut. Filek J. are buried in the Polish War Cemetery at Lommel, Belgium.

kpr. Chętnicki S. is after three exhumations now buried in the Polish War Cemetery at Breda.

kpr. Horobiowski J. R. is buried in Kleve, Germany.

kpr. Filipiak B. is buried at Venray, the Netherlands.